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Brain Injury 2019

Hello all.  It's been a while since we've last posted.  Let's talk about Brain Injury.  Did you know we work with Brain Injuries here at Excel Rehab?  Our Speech Therapist works with Speech, Swallowing and Cognition.  The Physical Therapist works with balance, gait & upper extremities affected by the brain injury.  

Sometimes, the manifestation of symptoms isn't physically visible.  Thoughts, memory & mood may be affected.  Brain Injuries not only impact the the person affected, but family & friends can have a difficult time coping as well.  Education and support for caregivers will have a postitive impact on their ability to care for their loved one and handle such a difficult situation.  And the brain injured person will feel more supported and understood.  It's important for the affected person to express their feelings and be heard.  

The Brain Injury Association of Lousiana (BIALA) has an art exhibt called Unmasking Brain Injury.  It's comprised of art created by persons with all types of brain injuries.  They've painted masks and told their stories as part of Support Groups across Louisiana.  We currently have the exhibit at our clinic.  Stop by & check it out.  There are 55 masks to view.  It's a powerful presentation, with a goal to educate the public about brain injury.

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