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Your First Visit

Unfortunately, paperwork is always first!  Bring your ID and insurance cards.  

Your first visit to Excel Rehabilitation Services, LLC starts with a thorough evaluation and assessment of your injury or condition, followed by a discussion between you and your physical therapist about recommended courses of treatment.

You may receive your first treatment at that time as well, so please wear or bring comfortable clothing. Bring a list of all prescription medications you are currently taking, as well as a list of any over-the-counter medications you routinely use. (This may not be necessary if your physican has provided a referral with an updated list).

If you wear hearing aids or corrective lenses, make sure they are in place since great communication between you and your physical therapist is important.

Bring any assistive devices that you need and be sure to tell the Physical Therapist what you are using, even at home.  This list can include but isn't limited to:  walkers, canes, ramps, grab bars etc. 

You may want to refer to our Blog on Practical Tips for Physical Therapy before you get started.  

See you soon! 

And please CALL TO CANCEL or RESCHEDULE instead of Not Showing Up.  Thanks.  

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