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OCTOBER 2019 is...  

October is Physical Therapy Month  

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)



Contact: Public Relations Department, APTA (public-relations@apta.org)  




October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence



Contact: Domestic Violence Awareness Project, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (nrcdvta@nrcdv.org


  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Chiropractic Health Month
  • Dental Hygiene Month
  • Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • Halloween Safety Month   
  • Health Literacy Month      
  • Liver Awareness Month
  • Medical Librarians Month
  • Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month
  • Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month
  • Pharmacist Awareness Month
  • SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
  • "Talk About Your Medicines" Month

Note: Most data is taken from welcoa.org and healthfinder.gov.  There could be errors in data/typing.  We try to verify & post the most accurate information we can.  When in doubt or question, always verify information for yourself with reputable sites.  

Click here to find out how to get more information: 


or https://www.welcoa.org/health-observances/



-Sept 29-October 5, 2019       Midwifery Week  

-October 06-12, 2019             Physician Assistants Week, Case Management Week, Emergency Nurses                                                   Week, Fire Prevention Week and Healthcare Food Service Workers Week                                                   and Mental Illness Awareness Week

-October 13-19, 2019            Central Service Week, Infection Prevention Week (Intl), Nephrology                                                         Technicians/Technologists Recognition Week, Nuclear Science Week

-October 20-26, 2019             Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week, Respiratory Care Week,                                                          Medical Assistants Recognition Week

-October 23-31, 2019             Red Ribbon Week


October 03, 2019          Depression Screening Day

October 09, 2019          Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day

                                      Stop America's Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Today

October 11, 2019          Arthritis Day (World)

October 22, 2019          Stuttering Awareness Day (Intl)

October 23, 2019          Lock your Meds Day

October 29, 2019          Psoriasis Day

                                     Orthopedic Nurses Day (Intl)


  • AMPEDUP  is our Amputee Support Group.  It is a free community service.  This event is to support any amputee through all stages of limb loss.  What better way to learn about the process than to meet with other amputees going through similar circumstances?  These meetings are open.  They occur once per month.  It is scheduled the 3rd Friday of every month (subject to change due participation/other circumstances)  You can check out our blog about it.  You can call to register or go to our Facebook Page to the EVENT and click attending. #LicensedtoHeal #AmpedUp #GotoExcelRehab
  • https://www.facebook.com/pg/ExcelRehabServices/events/?ref=page_internal
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/2188097527946630/?source_id=118275788336728

If you have ideas for other support groups or would be interested in attending, contact us on our contact page! (stroke, amputee, caregiver, etc.)


Dignity Memorial:   https://www.dignitymemorial.com/about-dignity-memorial/supporting-our-communities/comforting-those-who-grieve  Check out their LIFT program for widows and widowers

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center:  https://marybird.org/services/survivorship/

Baton Rouge General:  https://www.brgeneral.org/patients-visitors/support-groups/

Baton Rouge Rehab Hospital:  https://www.brrehab.com/site306.php

St. Elizabeth Hospital:  https://steh.com/patients-and-visitors/classes-and-events/event-results?&LocationDescendants=true

Francois Bend & Life Source Hospice Caretaker Support Group  http://business.ascensionchamber.com/events/details/support-group-11-08-2019-2259

Garden View Assisted Living:  Caregiver Support Group & Grief Support Group  http://gardenview.org/

Anna's Grace with (Ainsley's Angels)  https://www.facebook.com/AnnasGraceCares/

Helpful / Interesting Links

https://www.dignitymemorial.com/about-dignity-memorial/supporting-our-communities/comforting-those-who-grieve  Check out their LIFT program for widows and widowers

https://www.facebook.com/skidawgs/  Check out David and his Adaptive Skiing Program on Facebook!

http://www.mswheelchairamerica.org/  Check out our own local Social Worker, Karen Roy, as Ms Wheelchair America 2019!

https://www.vettix.org/  For Vets  Check out this resource for veterans and their families.  Free tickets to concerts, games and more!  Also on Facebook!

http://cameronsshoes.org/ -local Non-Profit started by a PA to distribute shoes to kids in Cali, Columbia

http://www.mclindonfamilyfoundation.org/   For special needs children to get free custom bikes!  Your PT can refer.

http://www.vetaffairs.la.gov/  For Vets

 http://www.nonvacare.va.gov/   For Vets


http://www.jar4change.org/   To help young Joey raise money for the sick babies at Woman's Hospital

http://www.buyveteran.com/  To help you locate local veteran owned businesses

http://www.amputee-coalition.org/  For amputee support

https://www.facebook.com/womenwineandconnections/  -Making connections and supporting the community  This charity helps suppport our local Food Bank and Iris support for Domestic Violence.  It keeps your donations local!

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