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July Blog Physical Therapy after an accident

How To Get Physical Therapy After An Accident Are you ready to get back on your feet after an accident? Physical therapy can help you regain your strength and mobility. Whether you’ve been involved in a car crash, suffered a sports injury, or experienced a workplace accident, proper rehabilitation can help ensure a complete recovery. If you don’t know how to get physical therapy after an accident, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about the steps to finding the...
Posted on 2024-07-08

How poor posture can affect your health

Upper crossed syndrome Poor posture whether sitting or standing can cause a variety of problems.  Neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain and arm pain can be assoiciated with shortening of certain muscles and weakness in others.  Sitting at a desk all day, texting and watching T.V. causes a slumped position and head tilt forward position over time sometimes referred to as "Nerd Neck".  Athletes can cause a muscle imbalance much in the same way by training certain muscle grou...
Posted on 2024-06-17

June Physical Therapy for Older Adults 2024

 Ways Physical Therapy for Older Adults Can Enhance Mobility and Independence If you understand how physical therapy for older adults can enhance mobility and independence, you might be more motivated to tackle it! Through targeted interventions and personalized care plans, physical therapists empower older adults to overcome mobility challenges and reclaim control over their daily lives. From tailored exercise programs to innovative technologies, there are plenty of ways in which ph...
Posted on 2024-06-10

Essential Exercises to Combat Workplace Injuries

Essential Exercises to Combat Workplace Injuries Whether you're at a desk, in a warehouse, or on a construction site, the risk of injury is an ever-present concern. Simple, routine exercises can prevent or alleviate many of these injuries. Here, we explore a variety of exercises to combat workplace injuries that are easy to integrate into your daily routine and can make a significant difference in your overall health and safety at work.  Understanding Workplace Injuries Workp...
Posted on 2024-05-13

Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention

How Physical Therapy Can Help You Avoid Injuries Before They Happen Have you ever thought about how to sidestep injuries before they even happen? That is where physical therapy can be of great help. Physical therapy is key in injury prevention, not just a remedy for pain. By understanding your body's limits and strengthening key areas, you can actively reduce the risk of harm, especially during activities that could lead to injury. In this post, we'll explore how physical therapy can help you a...
Posted on 2024-04-16
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