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Amputee Support Group-How are we different?

Sure everyone has heard of a support group.  But not all support groups are run the same way.  There's AA, NA, support groups for specific types of mental illness, strokes, etc. You get the picture.  Well, since our LCSW has been managing at Excel Rehab, she's been learning more about amputee support groups.  What we've learned is this-most amputee support groups are run more like clinics.  There are often PTs, OTs, other staff, family members, Orthotics and Prosthetics reps etc present.  Lunches may be provided as well as speakers.  

Here's the difference.  Our AMPEDUP Amputee Support Group is run more like support groups for mental health.  They are designed to be more influenced by the members themselves, with guidance from a faciliator who is there to give some direction, guidance, rules, etc.  Confidentiality is respected and honored by all members, including the facilitator.  Family members are invited if the group agrees to invite them for a family session.  The purpose of the group is to provide a safe comfortable enviornment so that members can share their journeys regarding their amputation.  This can involve talking about phantom pains, family frustrations, medical concerns, parking concerns, feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression etc.  It's often about helping one amputee through the process that another has already gone through. 

Marketers, liaisons, physical therapists (including our own), occupational therapists, insurance representatives, etc are not part of our group process.  They can be invited as speakers etc.  But in order to uphold confidentiality and the integrity of our groups, they do not participate unless invited by the facilitatior, our LCSW Kristi.  This is so that amputees that may be receiving treatment at other clinics will not feel uncomfortable or pressured. And with privacy respected, members can actually disclose their feelings and be able to talk freely.  

So if you have any questions about our information or we didn't cover something that you want to know, please give us a call.  Ask for Kristi Miranda, LCSW.  If she's not available, please leave your name and number for her to return your call.  If you're interested in attending AMPEDUP, you can call the clinic or you can register for the event on our Facebook page.  We also have a private group for amputees on our Facebook Page.  Come get AMPEDUP with us!

Take care & we hope to hear from you soon!

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