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Face mask mandate

    More than 20 states have ordered people to wear face masks in public.  On July 13th 2020 Gov. John

Bel Edwards made a mask mandate for Louisiana along with other restrictions.  Recent studies in the

United States and Europe show that face masks are critical in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

    Face masks and or face coverings provide various degrees of protection depending on how they are

made or what materials the mask or covering are made of.  Fluid mechanics of droplets exiting the mouth

after a sneeze or cough were mapped out and examined and how different designs and materials of

masks alter the path.  Without a mask or covering droplets could travel six feet or greater.  Wearing a

mask or covering significantly reduced the number of droplets and distance traveled.

    One study led by reasearchers from Texas A&M University found that not wearing a mask increases a

persons chance of getting infected.  Trends and mitigation procedures in China, Italy, and New York City were used.  Analysis of pandemic

trends without facemasks or coverings were statistically projected.  66,000 infections were prevented by using face masks in little over a

month in New York City.  It was concluded that wearing a face mask in public corresponds to be the most effective means to prevent

transmission.  Studies abroad have also found that masks drastically decrease the community spread of the virus and face masks need to be

seen as "Policy Packages" with other measures such as social distancing hand hygiene.

   Scientific studies have proven that wearing a mask decreases the spread of COVID-19 but there is evidence in real world scenarios as well. 

Two case reports suggest masks can prevent transmission in high risk scenarios.  A man who tested positive flew from China to Toronto while

wearing a mask.  All 25 people on the flight tested negative.  Everyone on the flight wore a mask.  Two hair stylists in Missouri were positive

and had close contact with 140 clients.  Everyone wore a mask and none of the clients tested positive.


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