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Falls Prevention Week is September 20-24, 2021  This is a time to remind our seniors and their families to check out their fall risk and put a plan in place to prevent falls.  So often, falls can be prevented with a little planning.   What can you do?  Take notice of the environment around you or your loved one.  Are all walkways clear?  Are loose rugs in the path?  Are cords crossing over the path?   How is the lighting?  Do ...
Posted on 2021-09-21
Lower back pain is the most common complaint seen in many physical therapy clinics, affecting 85-90% of Americans at some point in their lives. It is the second leading cause of visits to a doctor, after the common cold. Lower back pain is also the leading cause of lost time at work, and billions of dollars are spent each year diagnosing and treating lower back pain. Physical Therapy for low back pain relief is an alternative to surgery.   In this series, we will examine the very common, ...
Posted on 2021-06-15
PHYSICAL THERAPY IN GONZALES LOUISIANA  As we are coming out of the covid pandemic, everyone is anxious and ready to get back to their normal way life. At Excel Rehabilitation Services in Gonzales, LA we are ready to treat your pain with physical therapy.  Pain whether it be acute pain or chronic pain can be disabling. With direct access you do not need to see your physician. Some of the conditions we treat are: sciatica low back pain foot and ankle pain neck pain hip pain kne...
Posted on 2021-05-27

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