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Are you dizzy?

Are your getting dizzy?  Losing your balance?  Maybe your doctor has diagnosed you with a vestibular problem.  Many are surprised to learn that Physical Therapy is an appropriate referral for these conditions.  There are specefic exercises designed to help with vestibular problems. Usually it's you ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist that makes these referrals. But your PCP or Family Doctor or Practioner can also make these referrals.  

When you come in, you will be be assessed by the PT.  Then you and your PT will come up with a Plan of Care, determining which exercises are best for your condition.  We also utilize our Suspended Gait Training System to help with balance training.

BBPV can usually be treated in 2-3 weeks (time varies with each individual).  But overall, these conditions require a shorter treatment time.  Often, patients do not know what to expect for Vestibular Therapy.  The idea of reproducing sympotms is definitely not inviting.  However, we make everey effort to make the situation as comfortable as possible.  




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