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» Practical Tips for Effective Physical Therapy Tip 6
Practical Tips for Effective Physical Therapy Tip 6

This is our last blog in this series.  We hope you've been following along.  So we've talked about preparations, schedules, healthy balances, following treatment plans and setting appropraite limts.  What's left?  DISCHARGE!

Discharge Planning always begins the day you start therapy.  You and your Physical Therapist set goals, a schedule and a timeline.  Your physican may play a role in this as well.      

Throughout therapy you will be learning exercises for your specific injury and/or problem while being monitored for safety and proper execution.    Prior to discharge, you and your Physical Therapist will discuss the timeline for the approaching discharge.  You will be given an HEP (Home Exercise Program).  

Your work does not stop here.  Following the PT's instructions and continuing your HEP is important in maintaining the gains you've made in therapy.  Now it's up to you!!  

We are always here if you have any questions, have a new injury or need to return for the same problem.  Just give us a call!  We also like to hear from you when you are doing well!  We love to get positive updates!  So don't hesitate to call or stop by to let us know how you are doing.  

Be blessed. 

Your Excel Rehab team.

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