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» Cardiac Rehab Week Feb 14-20, 2021
Cardiac Rehab Week Feb 14-20, 2021

It's February!  Is love in the air?  We are often talking about matters of the heart during February.  There's Valentine's Day.  And it's American Heart Month.  In December 1963, President Lyndon B Johnson wrote the very first proclomation for American Heart Month, proclaiming February 1964 to be the first one.  

Today, we still focus on education, healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, and working collaboratively to create a healthier world.  Prevention is a large part of heart health.  The goal is to reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes.  According to the CDC, both heart attacks and strokes are in the top 5 leading causes of deaths in the US.    For Heart Disease, that number is 659,041 and for Stroke the number is 150,005.  This makes them the #1 and #5 leading causes of death.  https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/leading-causes-of-death.htm

As part of American Heart Month and Cardiac Rehab Week, we want to keep you up to date and let you know about our Cardiac Rehab Program.   

  It is prescribed by your physician

♥  Each program is individualized, following American Heart Association Guidelines

♥  You are continuously monitored throughout treatment

  Physical Therapists provide Cardiac Rehab

♥  Appropriate after most cardiact events

♥  Benefits include: lowering your risk for future cardiac events, returning to previous          activities, feeling better overall, and possible weight loss.  

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