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Safety Awareness

December is a great time to be thinking about safety.  This month represents SAFE TOYS AND GIFTS MONTH as well as Older Driving Safety Awareness Week. 

For the Holiday season, toys & fireworks are plentiful.  And more people are on the road than usual. Please make sure your family has safety measures in place for all of these concerns.  Be sure to consider safety when choosing toys for children and gadgets for teens and adults. 

Trending in the news now are safety concerns with the hooverboard, with Amazon choosing to remove select hooverboards from their sites. 

Don't become a statstic.  With all of the information available to us at our fingertips, educate yourself before making a purchase.  Make sure toys are age appropriate.  Do automobile checks before getting onto the road.  And consider fire hazzards when using fireworks this season.

Stay safe out there!

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