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Rehab Week 2020


             It's Rehabilitation Week! 

What does Rehabiltation Awareness Week mean?  It's a time when Rehab Professionals, like Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists, are recognized for their contributions to getting yall back on the road to recovery!  It's a time to say Thank You and show appreciation for their work.  

We all know that when in therapy, you-the patient, are doing all the hard work!  But it does take some special folks to help get you there.  

So, what can you do??  How do you say thank you and let them know how much they're appreciated??  It's easy. 

Try these:  Send a thank you note, Call them with an update on your progress since discharge, Drop by so they can see your progress for themselves, Like their company's social media pages, Write a review, Write a recommendation, Refer a friend or family member, tell their supervisor about how they've helped you.  Keep in mind these are strange times during COVID19 & that you may not be able to drop in.  So Social Media platforms, calls and notes/letters will be a great way to reach out.  

See how easy that is?!  And you don't have to wait for #RehabWeek to show them some love.  You can do these things any time.  FYI, Physical Therapy Month is coming up in October! 

Thank you for choosing us here at #GotoExcelRehab for your rehab needs. 

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