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Prosthetics and Orthotics in Rehabilitation Phase 6 - Occupational Therapy

As part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program, the patient will also need occupational therapy, especially if the patient has lost an arm. Independence is the ultimate goal of any therapy.

As in physical therapy, there are four phases to occupational therapy.

Last time, we discussed the Phase 3 of Occupational Therapy of the rehabilitation process. This week we will explore the fourth and final phase of this process; Advanced Functional Training.


Phase 4: Advanced Functional Training Phase

During this phase, you will learn to use your prosthesis for activities that are important to you. These activities may range from household maintenance chores and responsibilities, such as lawn care and home repairs, to job-specific tasks and recreational activities. If there is something that you want to accomplish, we will work with you to train you. Also, if you return home and find that you want to participate in other activities, you can call the therapist or prosthetist for suggestions and assistance. Your ability to use your prosthesis efficiently to achieve your independence is our ultimate goal.

Stay Focused

None of this is easy, and you may be tempted at times to give up. Don’t! It will be a challenge, but the results can be amazing.

During the education process, we will answer all of your questions about the rehabilitation process, including prosthetic devices and maximizing your function. A wise man once said, “The only stupid question is the one that was never asked.” Always keep this in mind throughout your rehabilitation. Remember that there are many dedicated professionals involved in your care to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible and to see that all of your questions are answered.


As always, if you are in need of post-operative prosthetic or orthotic rehabilitation, don’t wait for your family physician; visit Excel Rehabilitation Services on Burnside Ave. in Gonzales, Louisiana. You will receive one-on-one professional care from an experienced physical therapist!


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