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» Practical Tips for Effective Physical Therapy Tip 5
Practical Tips for Effective Physical Therapy Tip 5

Usually we are talking about progress and moving forward.  But what about limitations?  And do we need to set limits?  Like with everything else in life, sometimes we do have to set limits for ourselves.  

An example would be if you are in physical therapy and you become ill.  This would be a time to consider taking it easy.  Not only can coming in while ill cause you to over-do it & stay ill longer, you may put others at the clinic at risk for becoming ill too.  You may also be weak from the illness or decreased activity, putting yourself at risk for injury.    Always talk to your Physical Therapist about any complications or changes that may impact your ability to do your therapy.  Missing a day or two is okay.  

You may also get a new procedure that could cause a pause in therapy.  This could be due to pain or the need to heal.  Your doctor will direct you when it's appropriate to return safely for Physical Therapy.  It could change your treatment plan.  Keep you therapist updated.  

Remember, the goal is to complete Physical Therapy, even if it does take a little longer.  So try not to be frustrated.  Safety must always be considered.  You can easily get back on track!

Stay tuned!  Only one more tip to go!

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