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Practical Tips for Effective Physical Therapy Tip 3

Tip #3 for Effective Physical Therapy is here.  Today we want to talk about being as healthy as you can be for Physical Therapy.  Eating regularly and taking your prescribed medications as directed by your Physician/NP/PA play a role in your ability to particpate effectively in Physical Therapy.  

If you don't have energy, you may not be able to perform the exercises recommended.  So consider your meals around your schedule.  They play a role in your energy level, your sugar levels, and motivation.  And who can focus on therapy when they are hungry??  So if you will be in therapy for a longer amount of time or around your lunch break, please plan accordingly.  Maybe you need to bring a snack.  Maybe you need to eat prior to therapy with time for you not to feel too full but have the energy you need.  

Talk with the Physical Therapist and/or your doctor about medications you are taking.  Your PT does need to be aware of what you are taking.  Sometimes managing your pain prior to your appointment will help you get through the therapy easier with less discomfort.  However, if you are overmedicated, this can cause drowsiness and an unsafe state in which to perform your exercises. 

So balance is key, literally!  Try to balance a healthy eating and medication regimen with your Physical Therapy.    

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