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Practical Tips for Effective Physical Therapy Tip 2

Now that you know what to wear, let's keep moving! 

In order to keep the gains that you are making in Physical Therapy, it is important to keep your schedule.  Physical Therapy is usually scheduled 2-3 times per week.  This is to help you reach maximum potential from your therapy in a timely manner.  Missing repetitively can slow your progress, stop your progress or cause regression.  Your health is important to us.  And we want you help you accomplish your goals as quickly and safely as possible.  

Also of important consideration regarding your schedule is your insurance coverage.  Whether you have private insurance, Medicare, worker's compensation or veteran's benefits, there are sometimes time frames for your therapy.  This can be covered with an authorization.  If you have to have an authorization, these usually designate a specific date range and a specific number of visits that will be covered.  It's important that you are aware and keep up with this.  

And last but not least, we must consider others' time as just as important as our time.  Some clinics are more flexible than others when it comes to unscheduled visits and missed visits.  Talk to the staff to see how changing your schedule works best with them.  It's appreciated if you call when you can't make your visits.  Dropping in is not recommended. A call ahead can prevent overcrowding, wait times, frustrations etc.  If you come to therapy during another patient's time, this can cause confusion.  The therapist may not be available or a mat/machine that you need may not be available.  Everyone deserves their time with the Physical Therapist.  We make every effort to accommodate.  Sometimes it is not possible to accommodate everyone all the time.  

We hope this helps when you are planning your Physical Therapy schedule.  Stay tuned for Tip #3 coming soon!  

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