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Practical Tips for Effective Physical Therapy Tip 1

So what do you need to know to get started with Physical Therapy?  It's really pretty simple.  Lets start with our first tip.  Always dress comfortably for your therapy and according to the type of therapy you will be recieving.  You may not know what that is until you meet with your Physical Therapist for the first time.  But after that, you will know your plan.  Then you can dress accordingly. Loose fitting pants, supportive shoes and no long jewelry are some things to keep in mind.  This is for comfort, safety and appropriateness.  We would never want our patients to feel self conscious.  For example, if you are receiving a massage, we provide a private area for that therapy.  We also provide gowns that provide you coverage and allow the PT appropriate accessibility at the same time.

We also suggest layers.  People tend to get warmer as they do their exercises.  So the thermostat may be set to provide a cooler temp.  Then  you may be cooler taking a break until your next set.  Aren't layers a good idea anyway in this Louisiana weather?   

See?  Easy peasy.  Stay tuned for more tips on how to get the most out of your Physical Therapy.  

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