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Physical Therapy Month 2019

Welcome to October.  Many healthcare issues are recognized in the month of October.  But obviously one important to us is recognizing Physical Therapy Month.  It's our opportunity to let the public know about Physical Therapy and how it can benefit you!  

Physical Therapists are licensed healthcare providers.  They work in many different settings.  You can find PTs in medical hospitals, school settings, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals,  outpatient clinics, homehealth settings, and skilled nursing facilities.  We are considered an outpatient facility/clinic.  Physical Therapists can have specialties as well, such as pelvic floor, manual therapy, orthopedics, cardiac and neuro to name a few.  We have years of experience in these settings and with all of these issues.  We have worked extensively with amputees.  We have special equipment that assists us with our amputee patients and stroke patients-or anyone with a mobility or balance issue.  We are the only local outpatient Physical Therapy clinic with a Suspened Gait Training System that allows our paitents to work on their gait/mobility/balance issues without fear of falling.  In turn, this helps to speed up their progress and makes them feel safer in the process. 

Physical Therapists can help you decrease pain, increase mobility and improve your quality of life.  It can help decrease pain with less medications and can even help delay or avoid the need for surgery.  A treatment plan is designed with the PT and patient working together to set goals.  

If you have any qsuestions about how our Physical Therapist can help you, give us a call at 225.644.0290.  We also offer free consultations.  And remember, with Direct Access, you no longer need a doctor's referral to receive Physical Therapy.  Most insurance follows this guideline and covers PT without referral.  We hope to hear from you.  And don't forget about our Amputee Support Group AMPEDUP.  We are the only amputee support group for Ascension Parish.  You don't have to be our patient to participate.  

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