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New Speech Service - FEES

We've added to our Speech Services!  Our Speech Therapist, Nicole, is already certified in Vital Stim, DPNS, Interactive Metronome, and LSVT: LOUD.  Now she is FEES certified.  We are so excited for her and proud of her recent accomplishments.  

So what is FEES?  This is a Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing.  It can be performed in an outpatient setting.  You will be fully awake during the Evaluation.  It isn't painful.  There's no radiation exposure and no after effects.  An order from your doctor is not needed.  However, if you provide your doctor's information, the results will be sent to your doctor/Provider.  This can be a one time visit for the evaluation.  Or it can be the first step in executing your treatment plan for Speech Therapy services.  

 Swallowing problems can come about from numerous medical conditions.  These include, but       aren't limited to:  Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, COPD, Traumatic Brain Injury, GERD, Dementia,   Cancer, Trauma.

If you aren't sure if you are a candidate, give us a call.  You can also speak with your medical provider or speicalty provider, like your PCP, ENT, NP, PA, Audiologist, Oncologist etc. We are happy to answer your questions or theirs.  We can have the Speech Therapist contact you as well.  Call us at 225.644.0290. 

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