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Neuropathy Awareness Week

As a Health based clinic, we aim to imporve overall health and wellness.  This includes education or linking our consumers to the education they may need. 

National Neuropathy Awareness Week is coming up.  It is May 12-16, 2015.  To get more information about Neuropathy, here are some helpful resources:

The Neuropathy Association  

60 East 42nd Street, Suite 942 New York, NY 10165   

(212) 692-0665 (212) 692-0668 Fax                                  

info@neuropathy.org www.neuropathy.org 

Materials available   Contact: Paul Guidos    


There are numeraous causes for Neuropathy.  And symptoms can vary for individuals.  If you beleive you are having any of the symtoms associated with Neuropathy, go see your Primary Care Physician.  Most people will then be referred to a neurologist. 

Depending on the type of Neuropathy, Physical Therapy can help with diminishing the symptoms.  Talk to your neurologist about whether Physical Therapy would be beneficial for you. 




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