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Hurricane Safety for Health or Mobility Impaired

Well folks, it's that SEASON again.  Hurricane Season, that is.  It's not one we look forward to, but definitely one we know how to

prepare for here in Louisiana. We always seem to remember those basic esssentials like flashlights, batteries, water,

etc.  But when you have someone with mobility impairments or other significant health issues, you have to think with more safety

specifics in mind, especially if you have to evacuate. 

The number one recommendation we have is to PREPARE!  Also of importance is to STAY UPDATED on the state of the emergency via

your local news. This could be through radio, tv, your phone etc.

What are some things you should consider during an emergency if you, a loved one, friend, or neighbor has mobility

impairment or other significant health issues?  Here's our quick checklist.  It's not all inclusive, but designed to get you thinking

about needs and safety.

  • Do you have enough medications?  Talk to pharmacist about an early refill if necessary.  
  • Do you have enough oxygen supply?  Call your vendor if you need to. 
  • Are you prepared for loss of electricity?  If you have machines that use electricity, like CPAP, do they have battery back ups?  Do you have the correct size batteries?
  • Are you able to quickly get to mobility devices like wheelchairs, walkers and canes?
  • Is important data available and safe/dry?  Med list, doctors, emergency contacts 
  • Do you have some personal supplies ready in case you have to leave your home?  Incontinence supplies, glasses, hearing aids, false teeth, blood pressure monitor
  • Do you have your comunication devices handy? laptops, TTY or TDD 
  • Is your medical equipment charged up as much as possible?  C-Leg (electronic prosthesis), power chairs, portable oxygen




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