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10 Year Anniversary May 2022

WOW!  It's hard to believe we've been open for 10 YEARS! 

In the beginning, we were a team of two, both working other jobs.  The struggle was real.  If you've ever opened up your own business with no assistance from others, not knowing what you're doing, then you get it!  Everything was new to us.  We had to learn about licenses, credentialing, marketing, insurance billing etc.  It was hard.  But we learned a lot.

We let some agencies go, to do some things ourselves.  But we also learned what we needed to outsource.  Then we both became full time at our own clinic.

Fast forward to today.  We have added a Speech Therapist.  We have increased our online presence tremendously.  We show appreciation to our patients on a regular basis.  We host an Amputee Support Group once per month.  And we continue to learn as the face of healthcare changes.

COVID19 had a huge impact on us, as it did for everyone, personally and professionally.  We did close for a brief time.  We are pleased to be almost back to normal, with the State of Emergency for Louisiana no longer in place.  We are so ready to get back to normal.  

Stay tuned for upcoming 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION details!  

Hope to be seeing yall soon!

David and Kristi Miranda

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